Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Baseball Trip 2015 - The Blog Is Back!

I have to see it's been awhile since I made a blog entry, so hopefully the rust will wear off soon.  After having to skip a couple years of traveling, it's good to finally get back out there and continue to check more cities off the list.  This year's trip starts off with a trip to the East Coast to enjoy some time with the family and attend my cousin's wedding in New York.  I depart from New York and will be hitting up games in Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati (and Seattle later this summer).  Enjoy the entries as the quest to see all the MLB ballparks continues....

It has been quite some time since the last entry - Chicago in 2012.  I mean, a lot has happened since then - the Giants have added two more World Series Championships for starters!  Additionally, since Chicago I was able to check off one more stop - Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  In a quick recap, we rented out the center field swimming pool suite for my brother's bachelor party - a very unique, very awesome place to watch a baseball game!

It was, by no accident, a game where the D-Backs were playing the Giants so we came in force rooting for the Visiting Team.  It was a dominant performance by none other than Madison Bumgarner, who pitched a 1-hit shutout.  It was also the MLB debut game for second-baseman Joe Panik!  To top off our cheering - we were accompanied by Fat Heads of Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, Jon Miller, and Dave Flemming.  Let's just say we got plenty of TV love from the broadcast booth - check out this short video from mlb.com: Fans Bring Cutouts to Pool

To sum it up, it was a pretty epic day at the Ballpark.  Looking forward to many more good times as this year's trip kick's off!  More from the East Coast to come soon....

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