Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 - Pre-Game Adventures

Officially on the road, but have to say the trip started off with a couple of hiccups....  Hiccup #1, just two days before taking off I managed to get a high-ankle sprain and am rocking quite the attractive air cast and walking boot (not to mention the crutches for the first week).  To start off this year's vacation, I took a red-eye flight to our nation's capitol to visit the Gearhart Family.  Thankfully Lynn was able to pick me up from the airport, we had breakfast, and then she headed off to work.  Unfortunately, I was pretty tired from the long flight (and the crutches didn't help) - I spent the day hanging out with Buster; here's my best photo of the "sights" of DC:

I woke up on Thursday morning to tackle travel hiccup #2 - I was scheduled to be on the Amtrak Northeast Corridor from DC to NYC, however, the tracks were closed from the train derailment two days earlier (thankfully my trip was not two days earlier or I could have been in real trouble).  I ended up having to take a quick flight from Dulles to JFK but I made it to the Big Apple, where I met up with my mother, Scooter, Erika, and Molly.  I took absolutely zero photos that day, but we all cleaned ourselves up and had cocktails at The Standard, dinner to Gotham Bar & Grill (new favorite NYC restaurant), and after dinner cocktails at McSorley's, McGee's, and McAler's.  Bed time was 4:00 AM.

The next day, I woke up and met up with Manhattan's newest resident - Alison Guerrero - for a lunch time beer.  After the drinks, I met up with the family at the Boathouse in Central Park for lunch.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day in New York.

After lunch we battled some serious traffic, but we successfully ended up at Penn Station to board the Long Island Railroad - we would spend the rest of the weekend in Montauk for my cousin Henry's wedding.  The weather was absolutely perfect, it was great to spend some time with the entire Bowe side of the family, and I think we can all say we had an awesome time!

From New York, I am crossing the border where the baseball adventures start.  Next time from Toronto....

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