Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 Game #3 - Detroit Tigers

Jeremy and I successfully completed our train journey through Canada and arrived in Windsor, Ontario.  From there it was a 15-minute taxi ride across the border (easy process) and we arrived at our hotel in downtown Detroit where we met up with Kevin who had flown in from CA.  When we arrived, the Tigers were playing a game that evening - we did not have tickets for the game, but we decided to walk towards the ballpark to get a sneak preview of the good pre-game hang-outs.  Though everything in Detroit has a Red Wing component to it, we still enjoyed ourselves at a couple of spots within two blocks of Comerica Park - Cheli's Chili Bar and Hockeytown Bar.

After dinner and a few drinks, we called it an early night as we knew we needed to rest up to be ready for a 1:00 PM game the next day.  To start off the pre-game fun on Thursday, we went back to Cheli's to get some food and beer.  Cheli's has a very interesting - and in my opinion, a great - set-up - When you first arrive, the parking lot is fenced-in and set-up with plenty of table and chairs as well as a beer truck and BBQ food area.  For food I figured I could not go wrong by ordering chili at Cheli's Chili Bar - I was not disappointed.  

Once you enter the actual building itself, there are 3-stories - a bar and dining room seating on both the first and second floors with a private event space available to rent out on the third floor.  Additionally, there is a rooftop bar that is open until the start of the game - the three of us headed up for a few drinks and watched the ballpark area as people began to arrive for the day's game.  

Before entering the game, we walked around the entire stadium to check-out the different entrances to Comerica Park and found it interesting there wasn't a "main" entrance that seemed to serve as a grand entrance.  Here are a few of the gates from around the ballpark:

We made our way through the gates and towards our section, when we encountered a unique ballpark usher experience - the usher took our tickets, walked us all the way to our actual seats and then wiped the seats down with a towel before we sat down.  For this Tigers day game versus the Astros, we were able to get front row seats (actual chairs, now bleachers) in the RF Grandstands - felt like I was right up in the action, great view of the scoreboard, and a good crowd of local Detroit fans around us!  

After taking a lap around the main concourse of Comerica Park, we discovered some unique features of this ballpark - there are fountains above center field which shoot water after a Tigers home run or victory; there are amusement rides - a ferris wheel of baseballs and a carousel of tigers; a large bar area featuring beers from around the world; and, on the upper deck level, an outdoor lounge area called the New Amsterdam 416 Bar (416-feet from home plate).  

We returned back to our seats to watch an extended baseball game - the Tigers blew their lead in the 8th inning which resulted in extra innings.  However, with a walk-off home run to lead off the bottom of the 11th inning, the home team claimed victory!

Following the game, we went to find a sports bar to catch the Gaints sweep of the Dodgers - we ended up a Coach's Corner (not recommended to anyone).  We made one final stop at the Old Shillelagh to get a final, final before calling it a night.  The next day is rental car pick-up and a (short) road trip to Cleveland, until then.....


  1. Great pic of you three Andy! Hope you are having an amazing time!

  2. Detroit was an interesting place. As someone who lives in the other largest city to go bankrupt it seems on the cusp of moving forward. Loved watching the ticket sellers working the street pregame! Cheli's rooftop was great. I introduced Periscope to my younger traveling companions. I periscoped (new verb) at various locations. Most successful was my interview at the Hockeytown bar of the four young ladies from Legends!!! Periscope was not quite accepted by a group of millennials at the Old Shilaliegh!! They found it "creepy". Not so with the Real Housewives of Detroit who were there for a "girls night". Translation: we hate our wealthy husbands!!! On to Cleveland.