Tuesday, May 19, 2015

2015 Game #1 - Toronto Blue Jays/Rogers Centre

On Sunday evening, I luckily was able to move up my flight time from LaGuardia by three hours, so I was able to get into Toronto much earlier that I originally hoped (which allowed me to get some much needed rest).  Monday would mark the first game of the trip.  What I did not know when booking the trip is that it is Victoria Day in Canada (similar to 4th of July in America) - Monday was a national holiday in Canada which explained the 1:07 PM first pitch.  Prior to the game, we headed out to a Toronto-area chain called St. Louis Wings & Ribs - nothing better than getting the pre-game started with beer and wings.  The location we went to was directly across the street from the entrance to the Rogers Centre.

Once we wrapped up the food and drink, we started to head into the domed-stadium - until we noticed the roof had retracted since it was such a nice, clear day out in Toronto.  We walked into the stadium, grabbed some beers - excited to see Bud Light is considered "domestic" - and made our way to the our seats.  The seats were in a great location - the first base line about 20 rows up.  Though the location was nice, the row depth was very shallow and it was a quite cramped in the seats.  In addition to that, we were in the direct sun and it got quite warm (came dressed thinking we would be inside). 

To beat the heat, we decided to do a lap around the main concourse of the stadium followed be a lap of the 200-level (equivalent to a club level at a lot of stadiums; however the outfield area of Rogers Centre was not club and opened to all ticket holders).  The Blue Jays have done a good job of utilizing the unpopular upper deck areas of the outfield to create some unique spaces to watch the game.  We found the WestJet Lounge in center field, which is a 3-tier standing-only area open to all to watch the game.  We posted-up with some beers and watched a couple of innings from here.

We made one more move along the 200-level and found some open seats along the 3rd base line.  The seats were covered, had noticeably more leg-room and even had cup holders.  We ended staying in these seats until the end of the game to watch the home-team Blue Jays take the victory in a game that featured 29 hits and 4 home runs.  Also good to see Josh Donaldson playing well since his move from the Bay Area.

After the game, I was being a typical engi-nerd and wanted to watch the roof close but we were not allowed to stay in our seats that long.  For post game food and drink, we hit up Wayne Gretzky's joint just down the street from the stadium.  

I've got another full day in Toronto again for tomorrow's game - this one will be viewed from the hotel that is built into the stadium.  Until then.....

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  1. Looking forward to joining up in Detroit tomorrow!! Hi jinks and shenanigans to ensue