Monday, December 31, 2012

Game #5 - Chicago White Sox

I realize that I am very delinquent on this post but wanted to get US Cellular Field on the blog - this was my 16th MLB stadium putting me over the half way point to visiting them all!  The White Sox were playing a night game so we had all day to explore Chicago - the day started with brunch in Wrigleyville and then to downtown Chicago.  Cocktails were enjoyed at the Top of the John Hancock Building (sorry forgot the photos) - this experience was definitely more tame than the visit with the Wasteland Crew.  Following drinks, we visited Danielle and Anton at their apartment - below is a photo of their view of Lake Michigan.  Not too shabby!

From their apartment, we headed towards the South Side of Chicago.  There are not a lot of dining options around US Cellular Field, but the White Sox have recently constructed a restaurant sponsored by Bacardi called "Bacardi at the Park".  We all grabbed a late lunch before heading into the stadium.

For whatever reason, I did not have high expectations for this stadium; however, it turned out to be a great game day experience.  Roberto and I made a couple loops around the main concourse to see everything the stadium had to offer.  Our seats were in the first row of Center Field providing an up close seat for all of the action.  We were "fortunate" to have some very die-hard White Sox sitting around us who's cheers provided quite the entertainment - just think of sitting with Da Superfans (Chris Farley, Mike Meyers, and George Wendt) for an entire baseball game!  At this point in the season, the White Sox were still in a battle with the Detroit Tigers for the division title so the energy level was great.

For the first time in a week, I decided to skip the ballpark hot dog.  I tried one of the ballparks featured items - The Super Nachos.  They took a White Sox batting helmet and filled it with every nacho topping imaginable.  Delicious!

The game ended with a White Sox victory over the visiting Minnesota Twins - looking back this was the only game attended on this entire trip that the home team was victorious.  

The day after the game, I packed the bags and headed back home.  This wraps up the 2012 baseball adventure, more to come in 2013....