Monday, September 3, 2012

Game #3 - Chicago Cubs

Unfortunately, the fourth day of the trip did not goes as planned - with some flight troubles, trips to two airports in Houston, and five flight changes, we finally arrived in Chicago (11 hours later than planned).  This also meant we missed Friday's Cubs vs. Giants game for which we had front row seats at the Giants' bullpen (pretty disappointing).  Regardless, we made it to the apartment flat we rented in Wrigleyville - turned out to be a great place that was about two and half blocks Wrigley Field itself.  The building was made up of three flats, all which were rented by Giants fans from California including the group downstairs that attended Lincoln High School in Stockton.

Since it was already Friday night by the time Jeremy and I got settled, we went downtown to meet up with Vince, Roberto, Trina, Danielle, and Anton.  After a few drinks on the waterfront, we stopped for Chicago-style hot dogs at a place called The Wieners Circle.  The hot doges were wonderful and if you ever have a chance to visit, I highly recommend you order the Chocolate Milkshake - it will cost $20.00, but will feed your entire group and will be the best milkshake you have ever had...period.

After the hot dogs, I called it an early night as the long day of travel had taken its toll.  After an early morning wake up and a trip to O'Hare to pick up luggage (landed at Midway the night before), it was game time.  For Saturday's game, we purchased tickets to one of the Wrigley Rooftops for the second game of the Cubs and Giants' series.  The rooftop experience is pretty unique - the cost of your ticket includes all food and drink plus an excellent view of the game.  The rooftop we visited included three levels - the first two were indoors with plenty of televisions and food/drink at each level.  The top level had stadium style seating with premium 40-inch club seats and a third bar.  

The Giants' got off to a quick start and held the lead for the remainder of the game!  The Chicago fans were not rude at all and the only attempt at shit-talking I heard - "Oh, you must be a Bonds's fan".  I just said "Yes".  Since I didn't make the game on Friday, the Giants' are 2-0 on this road trip when I have been in attendance.

After the game, our crew headed to O'Malley's one block from the ballpark (I believe this was called Hi-Tops in 2007 when I last visited).  Yes, the Cubby Bear looks sad hanging out with a bunch of Giants' fans.

After a few drinks at the bar, we headed back to get cleaned up for the rest of the evening.  We started by taking the evening Architectural Boat Cruise around downtown Chicago.  

Following the boat trip, we stayed downtown for a fantastic dinner at Gibson's Steakhouse.  Following dinner we returned to Wrigleyville where no one in our group wanted to keep the party didn't keep me from joining the other guests of the building for a late night in the neighborhood (don't worry Blake, Tito, and Colson, I didn't beat our night out but got close).

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  1. If there is one part of this trip I wish I could have made, it was this one...I have to plan a trip to Chitown with you as guide one of these days....those seats on the roof look off the hook...Heck, I think I'd even like the archicetural tour...Looks like a ton of fun...and I like you are within walking distance of everything!!!!