Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Blog Rejuvenated

It's Back!  After (what I have interpreted as) popular demand, I am going to continue to share my journeys to all of Major League Baseball's cities.  When I left off in 2010, I had just finished my tour of 11 stadiums which brought my total count of stadiums visited to 12.  Last year, I was only able to make it to 1 new stadium.  However, this year I am off to add to the count and by the end of the week long journey I can say I have been to over half of the stadiums.

Since I need to get back into the routine of "blogging", I am going to create a few new posts from last year's 2-week long trip to New York and Boston for Steve & Melissa's Wedding (after looking back at the photos, it was an action-packed venture).  

I am flying on Tuesday for this year's adventure so stay tuned...

PS - I hate blogs without photos, so here is a pretty old one (sorry for the pour quality - yes, it's a photo of a photo, I am no technical genius).  The date was August 31, 2008 - Steve and I visited Old Yankee Stadium during my first trip to NYC.  

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  1. This is good for me to work on my commenting skills....Thanks Andy!