Friday, August 31, 2012

Game #1 - Texas Ranger

Jeremy and I left SFO on Tuesday evening with a late arrival in Dallas.  After a few drinks at a bar called Sfuzzi (Seinfeld episode - "Summer of George) down the street from the hotel, we called it a night.  We woke up Wednesday morning, grabbed breakfast and headed to the Dallas West End.  We started the day with a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum which was located at the Texas School Book Depository building from where JFK was assassinated.

The museum provided an excellent audio tour which walked through John Kennedy's Presidency, trip to Dallas, and the aftermath of his assassination.  If you look closely at the bottom, left corner of this photo, there is an "X" on the road that marks the exact spot of the shooting.  The window that Lee Harvey Oswald shot from its the far right window, one level from the top (next to the arched window).  The grassy knoll is on the left edge of the photo.

The JFK Memorial one block from the site of the assassination.

We then departed for Arlington to start our pre-game festivities before the Rangers' game.  The Rangers' Ballpark does not have any restaurants/bars within the immediate walking area so we went to BoomerJack's - the bar provided a shuttle to and from the ballpark so it made it very easy to get to the game.

We had excellent seats on the Club Level; unfortunately, the team moved the start of the game from 7:05 PM to 6:05 PM so we had to spend the first hour staring directly in the very, very hot sun.  

As for the food, the hot dogs seemed to be the food of choice for the ballpark.  For starters, it was $1.00 hot dog night (what you would expect from a hot dog).  Another option was the "Boomstick" - a 2-foot long hot dog for $26.00.  I ended up opting for the bacon-wrapped hot dog.

A couple of the unique ballpark features included an outfield plaza that provided seating, a ton of food choices, and a large screen TV to watch the game from this area.  On the perimeter of the stadium, the facade included many sculptures depicting events from the history of Texas.

The Rangers were not able to rally back and fell to the Tampa Bay Rays.  Since the Dallas Cowboys were hosting a preseason game at the same time (that's what caused the baseball game to start early), we bought $2.00 tickets to the game and went to the massive Cowboys' stadium for the second half of the Cowboys vs. Dolphins contest.  

Following our two stadium evening, we grabbed a taxi, headed back to Dallas, found an Irish Pub for a couple of beers, and called it a night.  Next stop: Houston.


  1. The Lexus Club Level?! I like it!! Hope you are enjoying Texas Andy!! Can't wait for your next stop! Xoxo

  2. I forgot you were going to Dallas...I think I confused your mom when we were having coctails at the AVE Friday night....I said you were in Houston! Oh, well...Looks like a nice time was had by all...a $26 hot dog?? really? Only in Texas! Way to parlay a football game into the trip..this was a mild Andy visit didn't take over the hot dog operation or pour a perfect pint at the anonymous "Irish bar" in Dallas....can there really be an Irish bar in Dallas, Andy??? Methinks not!! See you in Houston!

  3. Badness, I can't believe how much more I hate Texas from this post. No bar next to the stadium? Shame. You are a good reporter - Get on up to Chicago!!!!