Monday, August 27, 2012

2011's Trip - NYC Continued

On Tuesday evening, Ed, Jeremy, and I cleaned ourselves up and had cocktails at the Oak Room (still didn't meet Orlando, his shift ended before we arrived) followed by dinner at the 21 Club.

On Wednesday, we left New York and ended up in New Jersey to watch the Devils take on the Maple Leafs - it is quite different watching an NHL game when both teams have been eliminated from the playoffs.  Still, the seats were great and fans we sat with were fun to talk to.

Dear Sharks - you should hire ice dancers!

After the game was over, we headed back to Manhattan and grabbed some drinks in Greenwich Village - more people starting arriving in town for the wedding, so we had a fun group out and out about.  Oh, and I decided I was so good at making pizza that I could mix drinks too!

And then the wedding fun begins....

Friday night was the rehersal and rehersael dinner, of which I managed to take zero photos.  The wedding ceremony was held at the Church of St. Igantius Loyola on the Upper East Side.  We followed the rehearsal with dinner at Giando on the Water in Brooklyn.

Saturday was the big day - following the ceremony itself, Steve and Melissa had all of the wedding guest load onto a bus which provided an extensive tour of NYC as we made our way to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for a gorgeous reception.  Again, I was not on my "A Game" when it came taking photos.  I have one from the beginning of the day - Steve and I on the subway heading to the Church - and a second from the post-wedding party - yet another good idea to make my own drinks.  And yes, I walked away with the garter.  

On Sunday, Jeremy, Roberto, Trina, and I took the subway to Queens to catch a Mets's game at Citi Field. It wasn't as wild as the previous year's Subway Series game, but we did get some awesome seats on the Pepsi Porch (right field).  Following the game, we had a couple of post-game drinks at McFadden's.  

The Mets' game pretty much wrapped up the New York leg of the trip.  The next day, Jeremy, Roberto, and I would train up to Boston for more fun.

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  1. The good news in this post is that we see you actually do clean up...occasionally! Orlando is my friend the bartender at the Oak Room at the Plaza...Unfortunately on my last trip I discovered the Oak Bar has been closed. I have no idea where Orlando landed. I guess I need to do start a search in all the classy bars in NYC! I'm not into hockey or New Jersey, so I'm ignoring that part of the trip. (I think the dancers are a good idea though) The wedding sounded like a lot of fun. It's always good to go to Brooklyn, where so many wonderful people were born (Yours truly!!!) I've heard Citi Field is nice, but it replaced Shea Stadium...ANYTHING would be an improvement...Shipping up to Boston, next!