Sunday, August 26, 2012

2011's Trip - The 1st 48 Hours!

Last April, Steve and Melissa got married in New York City.  Instead of heading east for a long weekend, I turned the event into a 2-week trip in order to get some baseball stadiums (among other destinations) accomplished.  Looking back at the itinerary and all of the photos, this was a fantastic vacation and there is plenty to share.  The first 48 hours in town were pretty wild, so I'll start the rejuvenated blog there (Kevin - this should give you plenty to comment on).

The Sunday before the big wedding was my birthday so I figured there wasn't any better way to celebrate than to pre-game at The Hut for a baseball game at Yankee Stadium!  After a few beers at the #1 drinking spot in the world, I head to the airport where Jeremy and I bored a red-eye flight to JFK on a Saturday night.  After a $60 airplane bar tab, we landed and met with up with Ed (who took the red-eye from San Diego) to begin our week-long stay in NYC.  After our taxi ride into Manhattan, we found out the hard way the alcohol laws of NYC - on Sundays alcohol may not be sold or served before 12:00 PM (ouch!).  

Regardless, we met up with Bri for brunch at Sarabeth's which is just south of Central Park.  After brunch, we headed to the Kinsale Tavern to meet up prior to the Yankee Game (flashback to 2010 - same pre-game meeting spot).  We patiently waited for noon to roll around, grabbed a drink, and hopped on the subway to The Bronx.  

It was a perfect birthday celebration at Yankee Stadium - besides Ed, Jeremy, and myself, I was able to celebrate with Steve & Melissa, Kelly, and Ann & Jackie Spallino! For the game itself, we were able to find the same front-row outfield seats as the year before.

By the time the game wrapped up (the Tigers beat the Yankees 10-7; there were a total of 7 home runs in the game), I was  bit tired but we still managed a quick, post-game beer at the Dugout.  Then it was time to subway back to the hotel for a nap before the evening's fun.

After nap time, I was far from done with celebrating the day - Ed, Jeremy, and I headed for more.  For dinner we headed to Time Square and ate at Carmine's.

After years and years of Kevin Harkin saying that McAleer's on Amsterdam Avenue was the best place to drink it NYC, I found it only appropriate to make it our stop after dinner.  Since it was a Sunday night, the 3 of us made up 75% of the bar's population but had a fantastic experience nonetheless!

After staying out until 3: something in the morning on a Sunday night, most people would call it a night...not us.  Jeremy had a craving for pizza some we headed to Ray's Pizza just around the corner from our hotel.  Ordering a couple slices of pizza just didn't seem like that great an idea to me, instead I decided I wanted to MAKE my own pizza....not sure what the staff was thinking:

After a much needed night of sleep of Sunday night, the three us headed to see the Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater (with a stop for lunch at the Hello Deli beforehand). 

After the show ended, we checked out of our hotel.  Jeremy and Ed headed into Brooklyn to check into our apartment rental where we would stay for the remainder of the week.  I walked over to Grand Central Station, boarded the Metro North, and met Steve, Melissa, and Melissa's parents in Scarsdale for dinner.  They graciously let me know stay with them on Monday night.

In looking back, it was an amazing birthday celebration and a fantastic kick-off to 14-day vacation.  I will share more of the trip prior to leaving on Tuesday.


  1. Andy...I really liked this day...except for the fact you went to Yankee Stadium. I'll forgive that for now....You managed to hit many of my favorite haunts in NYC. On St. Patrick's Day, 2009, the Kinsale was one of MANY, MANY pubs I visted after the parade...Carmines (uptown) is my favorite Italian restaurant in NYC...McAleers is my homebar away from homebar in the Big Apple!! good food...great beer and friendly people (Yes, Virginia, there are nice people in the City that Never Sleeps!) Now, onto Rays....something tells me someone got fired there Andy...what were they thinking letting you make a pizza...AS for Letterman, he's my favorite late night guy... I tried to get into the show several years ago, but didn't get the call. And finally, the thought of you in Scarsdale, of all places, is downright frightening. I had pretty much forgotten you did all that so that was fun to relive, vicariously, as it were. I feel I'm back on the commenting game!!! Well done, Andrew!!!

  2. You can't have people shoving their arms into a 600 degree oven.

  3. One last thing on this one....why does Rupert look so unhappy??? What did you do Andy??? Try to make a sandwich???