Sunday, July 11, 2010

Destination #9: San Diego, CA

After returning from New York, I decided I should probably actually show up to work.  I worked a full five days, packed up the truck and headed south for another weekend of baseball.  For everyone who tried to tell me I was stupid for driving to San Diego on a three-day weekend - I made it down there in about 7 hours while making a few quick stops along the way (can't explain it, but there was no traffic).  After arriving at Ed's house in Encinitas, we called it an early night to prepare to the next day's adventures.

Since Alix had to work, we headed into La Jolla for an early lunch with her and George - we met at Karl Strauss Brewing Company.

The meal was highlighted with a beer float for dessert....that's right a beer float, not root-beer.

As Alix made her way to work, George joined myself, Ed, and Jeremy as we enjoyed a beautiful San Diego afternoon.  We started in Pacific Beach and grabbed a few cold beers with great views of the beach.

From there, we grabbed a cab and headed towards Petco Park in the heart of downtown.  We made a couple quick stops before entering the stadium - don't recall the names of the establishments, but it was here a couple people thought tequila would be a good idea.

Once we found our way into stadium, we headed to our amazing seats - we were in the front row of the center field section directly next to the Padres' bullpen.  We were also very fortunate to have a fantastic group of fans sitting around us - this helped us with our nine innings off taunting Nyjer Morgan of the Washington Nationals.  If they could awars fans an assist in baseball, we would have certainly received it as we lead to him missing a fly ball at the warning track 3 feet from out seats and then striking out at the top of the 8th inning. 

Following the game, we walked to San Diego's gas lamp district for a couple of post-game beers at Mary Jane's coffee shop.  We then got a ride back to Encinitas where Ed and I capped off the night with a little late night snack at Denny's.

San Diego definitely provide the best group of fans to sit with on my trip and increased my home team record back above .500 to 5-4.  They also shared an important message with the beer purchases:

Next stop Los Angeles...

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