Sunday, July 11, 2010

Destination #10: Los Angeles, CA (Anaheim)

Ed, Jeremy, and I woke up Sunday morning and made the hour and a half drive north to Anaheim.  We found parking close to Angels Stadium which was conveniently the parking lot for the Anaheim only seemed appropriate to start the day there.  Just as Scooter and I did in St. Louis, the day started off with buffalo wings, nachos, and Bud Light. 

After enjoying our breakfast/lunch of champions, we walked to the game and made our way to our seats in the center field section.  This was only the second day game of the trip and it was another hot one...unfortunately, these seats were not in the shade as we had in St. Louis.  The game was also the longest one on the trip at over three and half hours. 

There were a few highlights from this game.  First, we watched the umpire take a ball right in the leg:

The stadium feature another stacked dugout...I've learned it's not as uncommon as I thought in Philadelphia just 13 days ago:

The seventh inning stretch included "God Bless America" because of the memorial day weekend:

I did get agitated as I constantly had to watch the rally monkeys fly around in the area....bitter reminders of the 2002 World Series:

The Angels ended the game with a walk-off home run for their second game in a row.  The game from the previous day ended with Kendry Morales breaking his leg as he celebrated his walk-off run, so when Howie Kendrick hit today's walk-off the team was very careful in their celebration:

The walk-off home run boosted my home team record to 6-4.  Following the game, we decided to go to the 'Happiest Place on Earth" - after all, we were already in Anaheim.  Since the game lasted so long we figured going into Disneyland itself might now be worth the time so we enjoyed some food and beer at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. 

From there, we drove to Hermosa Beach to join Steve and his family for dinner at his parents' house and call it another successful day.

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