Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Destination #8: New York, NY (Queens)

Well the 4:00 AM bedtime the night before allowed for an afternoon wake-up on Friday.  I started the day with a walk over to Central Park where I met up with Bri - we spent some time walking around the park where there were at least 3 million where enjoying the absolutely perfect sunny, 80-degree weather (just as in St. Louis I had to ask myself what these people do for a living).  Bri had stopped at a bakery on the way (can't remember the name) and brought the best cookie I have ever eaten.

Since our entire group was spread throughout the city during the day, we all made a plan to meet on the platform for the 7 train at Grand Central Station.  We somehow all - myself, Melissa, Jeremy, Roberto, Vince and Jeremy's friend Mariette - found each other easily and we were off to Queens to take in a game at Citi Field.  We had the opportunity to watch a Subway Series game - Yankees vs. Mets.

Overall, I thought this two-year old stadium was much more enjoyable than the two-year old Yankee Stadium.  We entered through the main stadium gate and into the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Since this is obviously a popular game for New York, these were the hardest tickets to come across - we sat in the upper deck area but the seats and view were fantastic.  I sat next to two girls who had never been to a major league baseball game as they were visiting from Austria.

During the game, we headed to the outfield to grab some food at the famous Shake Shack - after a 30 minute wait in line (thanks to Melissa who bought us beer while we waited!), I grabbed the cheeseburger and cheese fries.  The food was great, but I have to say In-N-Out has got them beat. 

The game was low scoring (Yankees won 2-1), but the crowd was very enthusiastic.  By the sound of the cheering - you could not tell who was the home team and who was visiting.  You would frequently hear "Let's go Yankees!" immediately followed by a "Yankees Suck!" and the cheering for Derek Jeter was quickly muffled by all of the booing.  One thing to say is that all of the fans, regardless of who they were rooting for, are passionate about their team...including these guys: 

One other unique thing the stadium featured was orange foul poles:

Following the game, there was really only one option for a post-game drink - a bar attached the stadium called McFadden's (sound familiar?....Philly).  We hurried over to the bar as the Sharks' game was just heading into overtime (now wishing I didn't have to watch that).  

We walked back to the subway station to return to Manhattan - a few of us grabbed a quick drink in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood but then called it a night.  Get a little break before the next game, but next stop is San Diego...

Stay tuned for a recap of the last couple of days in New York City.

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  1. So...Andy...I wrote a great post...on my other computer, which didn't let me post!! ARRRRGGGGHHHH....so I'll try to recreate...Didn't know if you knew the Metropolitans, METS, colors are blue and orange because after the Giants and Dodgers left NY...sniff....the Mets came into being and used colors from both teams...orange (Giants) and blue (Dodgers)....Willie Mays ended his career as a Met...being traded back to NY where he was a TOTAL STAR.... I had the chance to meet Willie in like 1968...but I was too cool to go to the game with my dad (who knew Willie), and my brothers and my grandfather...being 13 you do stupid things I guess....Last fact...my high school is about 3 miles from Shea Stadium...now Citi Field....so there you go....