Monday, May 24, 2010

Destination #7: New York, NY (The Bronx)

eremy, Roberto, and I checked-out of our DC hotel and headed to Union Station to board Amtrak for a trip into Manhattan.  After a few hour ride and couple of stops at the bar car, we arrived at Penn Station.  Luggage was dropped off and we waited for Vince's arrival.  Once he arrived, it was time to get the pre-game festivities started.  We all boarded the subway (like we were locals) and stopped at a bar - Kinsale Tavern - on the Upper East Side.  We had a couple drinks as we waited for Melissa (my roommate for the next few days) to get off of work and meet up with us.  We jumped back on the subway and made our way into the Bronx to the new Yankee Stadium - it was exciting to see the completed construction as I attended a game at the old Yankee Stadium when I visited Melissa a couple of years ago.

Once we got inside the stadium, we headed to our seats - this is when things got interesting!  Our tickets were in the first row of the outfield bleachers - yes, having the first row is awesome, but being in the bleachers is an experience in itself.  Let's just say the fans were pretty vocal with their opinions for the Tampa Bay Rays. 

We were directly above Rays' dugout, so not only were the outfielders getting an earful but so were all the pitchers.  To accompany all of the beer consumption and yelling, there were a good number of fights and police activity (don't worry, still not worse than a Niner/Raider game).

All in all it was a great experience and definitely a fun game to be apart of!  The Yankees did fall short and the home team record fell back to 4-3.

There were a couple unique things to note - the first was the grounds crew's performance of the YMCA following the sixth inning (I recall them doing this a couple of years ago too).

Secondly, prior to the playing of  "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch they had everyone stand as they played Dean Martin's rendition of "God Bless America".  I really thought that was terrific - and yes, the entire crowd of 45,000 was respectful and singing along. 

After surviving the trenches of battle in the bleachers, we had to find our local post-game spot.  We stumbled across a bar called The Dugout which was under the train tracks directly outside the stadium.  The man outside the front door could tell it was our first time and walked us to their back bar where we could get the $3 beers - surprisingly it was good beer and we all got 16-oz. Rolling Rocks (cheers to you Harvey). 

After finishing a couple of beers it was back to the subway and into Manhattan.  We stopped in the Upper East Side to get Melissa home (she unfortunately had to work in the morning), and then we wall ducked into a bar to grab a quick drink near her apartment.  Well that quick drink turned into multiple pitchers while Vince and I dominate the Beirut table inside Jack Russell's Pub.

We then made one last stop at a bar in Midtown called Ashton's - thank goodness for this picture as none of use remembered the name of the bar in the morning.

Good old New York City kept us out until 4:00 AM on our first night town.....and the adventure was just beginning.  Next stop is still in New York, but out to Queens...

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  1. Good beginning in the Big Apple...bleachers at Yankee Stadium can be dangerous...nice to see you hit two of my favorite watering holes in NYC....Kinsale (spent time there during my epic 2008 St. Patrick's Day trip!) and Jack Russell's...