Thursday, May 20, 2010

Destination #6: Washington, D.C.

Wednesday's destination was great as we did not have to travel very far from the hotel.  Jeremy, Roberto, and I took advantage of being in our nation's capitol and spent most of the day walking around the historical area.  I last visited Washington, DC with my dad, grandpa, and brother when I was in seventh grade so it was great to revisit some places and take in a few new sites.  We didn't spend any time inside any of the museums or buildings, but did get the opportunity to walk several miles and snap a few pictures (Colson - no judging my photography skills). 

Since we were warned that the area around the new Nationals' stadium doesn't offer much entertainment, we decided to take advantage of the complimentary happy hour at the hotel.  We then caught a cab to make it to the stadium for game time.  Jeremy's friend Sumaya met up with us to attend the game, along with Lynn and Thomas who had a pair of tickets for the evening.  The ballpark as a whole was amazing and by far the best stadium I have seen yet - this brand new structure had quite a few amenities and features that make it stand out above the rest.

After a little help from the friendly (yet toothless) usher Randall, I made my way to the most conformable stadium seat.  Our tickets for the night were in the Centerfield Lounge which was connected to a restaurant/bar with an additional rooftop bar to watch the game.  There was about six feet between our row and the row in front of us so there was plenty of room to stretch the legs.  On top of all that, the ticket included $20 worth of food/drink credit.  It was another fantastic outfield view and I certainly enjoyed game.  The Nationals prevailed over the visiting New York Mets to improve my home team record to 4-2.

The in-stadium photographer took our photos and gave us a website to view.  We found only polite to take her picture and give her this website:

Another piece of in-game entertainment was the Presidents Race - it was four mascots of former US Presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR):

Following the game we discovered a post-game party that was the place to be immediately outside the stadium's gate - basically it was a giant tent, couple of bars, a band, and a few port-o-potties (reminded me of the Jack Daniels' tent at the Reno Rodeo).  It was enough to draw a good size crowd to celebrate their home team's victory.

We weren't quite ready to call it a night and wanted to see some more monuments, this time when they were all lit up at night.  Our first stop was the Jefferson Memorial which I had never been and was a magnificent site at night. 

Only Jeremy and I could rally beyond that and revisited the Lincoln Memorial with a walk back down the National Mall. 

Finally made it back to hotel to order some late night pizza and call it a night.  Next stop, New York City...

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  1. First off...I hope you tipped "toothless" Randall!! A couple of omissions here, Young Andrew...what are the special amenities of this park....Really...the Nationals beat the Mets...that's a good thing...and who won the President's Race?? I'm going w/ FDR!!! I think your nighttime monument photos are tops!! I LOVE the Lincoln Memorial at night...Special place ....I see you avoided the State Dinner that was held by President Obama for the Presidente of Mexico...I read Beyonce was performing...worth the try to crash, methinks!! Now you are in the BEST CITY IN THE WORLD....NEW YAWK BABY!!! I hope you get to meet Orlando the Bartender Extraordinaire at the Oak Bar in the Plaza....Fugetaboutit!!!