Thursday, May 20, 2010

Destination #5: Baltimore, MD

Let's just say Tuesday morning did not exist - definitely slept in past noon after the Philadelphia adventure. The day started out by meeting up with Bob, Dana, and Lynn Ferguson - Bob and Dana were in town visiting Lynn so we planned to get together for lunch. We drove into Virginia and ate lunch at Whitlow's On Wilson - the hamburger and beer hit the spot. From there we drove to Fort Meyer to visit where Thomas works and see some of the Army Base - it was very interesting to see some of the responsibilities of the Army's Old Guard.

Following the afternoon in Virginia, Lynn dropped my off at the hotel where I joined up with Jeremy and Roberto.  It was back to the train station to catch a commuter train to Baltimore - it was an easy trip as the final stop of the train was Camden Yards. 

When we first arrived in Baltimore, we did a walk around the stadium and could easily determine where the local pre-game party spot.  Directly across from the first base gate was a strip that contained three bars all serving cold beer.

Here's a note for all you marketing majors - I'm not sure what you learned in school but I think this guy has got an effective campaign:

After enjoying some "cheap ass beer" and chicken wings, we headed into the Orioles Park at Camden Yards for the Orioles vs. Royals game.  This game certainly reminded me of the Bay Area - first, the stadium is very, very similar to AT&T Park.  Second, the attendance made me think I was in Oakland - there were less that 10,000 people at the game on the cold Tuesday evening.  I guess this helps explains how we were able to get such good tickets - we sat in the front row of the center field section (actual seats, not bleachers like AT&T).  It is actually quite a good spot to watch the game and we got very close to some of the action a couple of times.  We even created our own activity when Roberto dropped his new t-shirt over the outfield wall - there is a double wall so it actually did not go into the field of play.  Nonetheless, our usher - David Day - was very accommodating and arranged for it to be retrieved.   Roberto repaid his by purchasing him a hot dog and you would have thought he gave a million dollars as he could not have been more appreciative. 

The game actually went into extra innings - the first extended game of the trip.  The Orioles rallied in the bottom of the 10th inning where they loaded the bases and finally scored to win.  The home team is now 3-2 on my trip.  I guess I also spoke prematurely yesterday as Orioles Park also had the stacked bullpens in the outfield. 

Following the game, we returned to Pickles Pub to grab some more beer and watch the Sharks' game on television - that turned out to be terrible.  Following that ugly defeat, we headed to train station to make our way back to DC.  Jeremy decided to share his climbing abilities as we waited on the platform:

We safely made it back to DC to get rested up for the next day's adventures - next stop: Washington, DC....


  1. Nice to see a Ferguson connection made...We had a family friend who served in the Old Guard "back in the day", circa 1969! I know Camden and AT&T share the same design firm, but I didn't realize how similar they looked! Playoff beard is growing in nicely, I see...I don't think you'll have it much longer though...sadly...James and I watched the Sharks and Giants game on split TV at the Stockton Bridge Grille in Capitola...Don't crash the State Dinner for the President of Mexico, Andy!!! You are NOT the President of San Jose!

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