Saturday, May 15, 2010

Destination #3: St. Louis, MO

I'm not even sure where to begin today.  Alright, first stop of the day was a failure - Scooter and I stopped at the Arch but the next tour to the top was game time so we skipped it.  We walked to the stadium area to find a local pre-game stop and ended up at the highly recommended Paddy O's.  Scooter and I were customers three and four of the day - Bud Light, nachos, and buffalo wings at 10:30 AM is quite a treat (vacation day #1!). 

Scooter and I met with with Zach, Paige, Courtney and Drew, and, of course, if was time for a couple more pre-game beers (fun fact - Budweiser products are popular in the this town).  At this point, I kept wondering what exactly people in St. Louis did for work - somehow 39,000 people found a way to skip school, work, life, etc. on a Thursday afternoon to attend a baseball game.  I feel like anyone across the country who is unemployed can move here, volunteer to work on game days, and be employeed for life!

After Scooter befriended the bar's owner, learned all there was to know about the Cardinals, we headed towards Busch Stadium which was just one block across the street.  We headed into the stadium with, what I consider to be, the greatest tickets ever - we sat in Homer's Landing which included all you could eat and all you could drink (Budweiser and Bud Light).  Homer's Landing was out in centerfield which provided another great view of the game. 

We enjoyed our share of the included beer as we watched a game on a gorgeous day and were thankful our seats provided us some shade.  Shortly after the game started, I saw the first bench-clearing incident of my trip.

So the game went on and unfortunately the Cardinals lost leaving my home team record at 1-2.  This, however, only marked the beginning of the day's adventures.  In order for Zach to properly show us around his city, he thought a post-game pub crawl around the stadium bars was in order (and yes, all of the people who skipped work were still around town).  Scooter and I felt obligated to return to Paddy O's where Scott (owner) was hopsitiable before the game and he promised a 1,000 plus people would there post-game - he wasn't lying.

And then it was off to Kilory's.

Next stop was Al Hraboski's - just think a four-side pre-engineered metal building with a bar and a dance floor (Zach and Scooter taught everyone a thing or two about dance moves there).  Throw some sports memoribilia on the wall and BOOM, you've got this place:

We stopped at Birdhouse, which was not planned on the original itinerary but, nonetheless, we made a quick appearnace. 

After Birdhouse, we crossed under the freeway to the Oyster Bar.  This happened to be the only stop where the bartender warned us not to start any kind of incident - this was strictly due to our expressed feelings towards the lovely fellow at the end of bar sporting a Detroit Red Wings hat (we all know how their season ended). 

The final stop for the day was Hot Shots - beer was only served in 24 ounce glasses.  Sorry for the fantastic picture (it was an after thought).

We returned to Zach's apartment where a couple people (Scooter and Drew - cough, cough) needed to take a few minute break.

Overall, the stadium and surrounding neigborhood was a fantastic experience and would certainly do it again.  I am still curious to see how these guys celebrate a win since they did a pretty good job with the lose.  I wish this group could hit some more games with me as I enjoyed having them around - they are back to Stockton and I am headed east.  Next stop Philadelphia...

Thursday's game appears to be just a warm-up for the graduation festivites....stay tuned for more about the next three days in St. Louis.


  1. I should SO be on this trip!!! Awesome day...looks like I have to get to St. Louis...nice that you rocked the Red there...but I would have gone Orange and Black all the with that St. Louis...Paddy O's looks like my kind of place....Scooter...THERE IS NO NAPPING ON A PUB CRAWL!!! Sheesh....Andy, I've decided to comment on ALL your there you have it....

  2. Kevin, that was not a nap during it was post pub crawl...pre dinner...sheesh. ha ha. Love the comments and I should've gone orange and black you're right but I forgot my giants shirt.

  3. The last line of your blog must have not loaded....."And it would've been an even better day if Molly was here..." I'll forgive you this time, but don't let it happen again.