Sunday, May 9, 2010

Destination #1: Oakland, CA

As we were packing the beers into the ice chest at the Safeway parking garage, Vince declared the day "Man Day"....and so it was.  By the end of the day, we had tailgated, watched two sporting events, hit up the local pre-game bar, and harassed everyone wearing red.

After riding the Cal-Train up to San Francisco, I met up with Jeremy and Vince to do a little shopping and take a quick drive over the bridge into Oakland.  As the area around the Oakland Coliseum doesn't offer much, we simply started the day with some pre-game tailgating and cold beers in the parking lot. 


We made our way into the stadium for the start of the game, which happened to be Armed Forces Day.  As we got to our seats, we found some members of the Coast Guard sitting in our we did our good deed for the day and simply sat one row behind them in row 6 (I know, terrible sacrifice).  The weather was absolutely perfect, attendance seemed above average, and the home team won!  For the stadium I have been to see more games at than any other, it still was still a great day one of this adventure. 

After all of that, the long day was only half over.  Following the game, we jumped in the car and headed to downtown San Jose to meet at O'Flaherty's for the A's post game/Sharks' pre-game celebration.  We met up with more people and were fortunate to get a seat on the patio to let everyone in a red shirt know how we felt about them. 

After a rickshaw race to the Shark Tank, I witnessed one of the best hockey games as the Sharks defeated the Detroit Red Wings to win their playoff series and advance to the western conference finals.  At the conclusion of the game, it was hands-down the loudest that building has ever been.

The traditional post-series handshake between the winners and the big ol' losers:

The night ended with a couple of celebratory beers and a prime rib dinner at Original Joe's.  All in all, day one was a huge success and looking forward to more.  Next stop: San Francisco....


  1. You are 2-0 so far Andy! And I'm sure your presence at the Coliseum on Saturday made the Perfect Game possible yesterday! Good luck and have fun!

  2. Andy...good glad you are posting pictures as well!! Too bad you missed the Perfecto!